Full Body Scan

This comprehensive health screening uses state-of-the-art, ultra fast, high resolution MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) and/or CTs (computed tomography) that are safe, accurate and do not involve contrast, to look inside the body for potentially life threatening diseases like cancer, aneurysms and other afflictive illnesses in the early stages. Early detection of such abnormalities ensures appropriate medical steps are taken for each individual patient.

Whole body scans are performed on a wide range of patients including those who are at high risk for developing a particular type of medical condition due to long standing habits (smoking, drinking or a strong family history). People with a family history of cancers such as lung, lymph, stomach, kidney, ovarian and liver cancer or who have had exposure to environmental toxins may be good candidates for this type of screening exam.

With your safety in mind, we have created a disease screening method using a combination of MRI and CT, in order to limit radiation exposure as much as possible. Most other centers advertise body scans using only CT technology because it is much faster but the amount of radiation exposure from scanning an entire body may be harmful. If you are concerned about your health or are curious about the state of your overall health, then a full body screening may be the right choice for you.